Real Life

Life as you know it is a lie. It seems so realistic to you, but all dreams seem realistic when you're dreaming them. But remember that day you fell off your bike? Well that was more serious than the scrap on your palm, and the bruise on your knee. It seems you just continued your life as you normally would, but all of our lives were put on hold that day. And we all spend day after day in your sterile hospital room, watching machines feed you and breathe for you, hoping and praying that you'll wake up.

Sometimes we hear you humming unfamiliar tunes and it gets our hopes up briefly. But the doctor tells us you're only dreaming, and that your brain activity hasn't changed since the day the ambulance brought you here. When you realize you're dreaming, you'll come back to us, I hope. Unless you're happier in your fantasy world. I know you're in there, and I really hope this reaches you somehow. We all miss you so much.


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