So Tired

You must trust me. I have one piece of advice and you must follow it without question; you must stop reading this and go straight to the last paragraph. Do so without reading any other paragraphs and do it now. Please... trust me.

What happens next is entirely your fault. You failed the test and now you're in danger. I didn't write this. They made me write it. It's my fingers on the keyboard, that's all, and your eyes on these words. Whatever happens, do not look away from these words. Keep reading until I tell you otherwise. And when I tell you otherwise, do exactly as I say. For if you do not read this exactly how I tell you to, you will die. Listen carefully. First, you must skip the paragraph below this one. Whatever you do. You must never read the paragraph following this one. You must ignore it completely, casting your eyes down to the paragraph that follows it. Promise me. For the sake of those you hold dear. This is your only chance to redeem yourself for not trusting me earlier. Skip the paragraph following this one, and do so now.

The Forbidden Paragraph: You had to do it, didn't you. They knew you would. Nothing you do not will make any difference. If there are people you love, call them. Tell them whatever people tell their loved onces when they know they're about to die. Settle any scores. Make your final arrangements. From this moment on, you will stay alive only as long as you can stay awake. The next time you fall asleep will be your last. They're watching you. They're listening to your thoughts. They'll wait for you. And when you fall asleep, they'll come for you. You should have trusted me.

If you skipped the paragraph above, you've done well. But your troubles are not over. For placing your trust in me at the second asking, you have given yourself a chance to live. This is what you need to know. They're watching you. They're listening to your thoughts. They're waiting for you to make a mistake. When you do, they'll come for you. To stay alive you must draw blood. Today, tomorrow and every day. You must draw blood from someone you love. A drop, that's all, and place it on your tongue. That's what they want. That's what they need. They're inside you right now. And they're waiting. If between waking up and falling asleep you fail to deliver the blood of a loved one, you will never wake up again. Follow this advice. And never, never go back and read the forbidden paragraph. Trust me.

If you followed my advice in the first paragraph, well done. You can stop reading now. But never, never be tempted to come back and read the paragraphs you skipped. You must trust me. And please, wish me luck. I'm tired. So tired, you just can't imagine...


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Well, Imma go shoot myself now.

  1. Imari Tu said...:

    I'm already scared of everything as it is. And having known this, I don't think it's possible to go to sleep. Let alone, where will the blood come from?

    Of course, I don't believe this stupid nonsense.

    But everything scares me, i only am what I can be, for that's all I can be, maybe I've been put in the valley of uncanny and don't exist. But everything in your mind must possibly be real, for your mind is the only thing that is real.

    Just in case this is real, I don't mind dying. I don't mind dying as long as I don't see, nor feel it.

    Lets hope I don't have a nightmare tonight, for that will be my life for eternity. For my life is all I have, and if dreams come from your mind, the dreams that come from that must've real, it becoming my life.

    Lets say I'm prone to nightmares, and I think it's my indefinite fate.

    Of all I've known, of all that is what I am and "am" is all I know, for its in my mind and for it must be real. Everything else isn't real. It's all only a figment that makes you feel like you're in a dream. You realizethisfeeling when you're mind iscrackingfor several reasons, but let me not explain.

    These secrets often drive people to insanity and suicide.

    The thoughts of Lillith from Evangelion, the thoughts of god, where you go when you die, what happens to you in fiery hell, what's in outer space, if the universe ends, etc etc...

    Anyway, don't listen to me ranting, I'm only I'd stricken with fear anyway...

    I won't deny that this human being is wrong, neither will I try to prove that he's right. The mystery of the universe and its secrets, it's invisible protectors and "vectors" that we do not control. The things that come from the edge of the universe, but the universe is infinite. The idea of infinity is like the repeating and placing of the saw thing over and over. Yet... We aren't going in a loop, if so, we would be repeating and expecting the something. Pure Insanity. So that must possibly mean that the universe is always placing new beings and celestial bodies, but if that were so, the universe still wouldn't be infinite, but it already is infinite if its still going, and I could keep going in a loop for even I don't know... I've researched it, but scientists being so atheist prevents them from seeing the true answers, not that I'm overly religious, I'm just as normal as the next girl.

    On the outside at least....

    Anyway, if I don't survive when I'm asleep tonight, I'll report it, it's 4:40 in the afternoon right now.
    That'll solve your questions and you'll know when you read this since curiosity seems to drive us to do irrational things. Except for me, since I know what scares me, but the things so real that they're scary must be fake is what we all think.

    But that thing in the basement, under your bed, in your closet, lurking in the night. You feel it, you think of it, you almost seem to KNOW what it looks like. Remember what I said about your mind earlier?

    Now why might that be?

    It's been two minutes now, and I'm still writing. People say having a "cracked" mind is bad, but it's the best thing that happened to me. Though bittersweet. Sometimes it literally will drive me crazy or make me cry. It whenever I make the promise to "be a better person" or promise "not to ever lie" I could if I wanted, but my own personal gain causes me not to.

    Anyway, goodbye and goodnight. I hope I open that tiny crack in your mind.

    The kind that glitters at first, inviting you...

    But then you see it's only ghastly black inside...

    I hope I opened that tiny crack. Opened it so you can see too.

    Don't be scared, just don't look and you should be fine.

    ...but you wanna look, don't you?....




  1. midnight32 said...:

    Read the whole thing and then fell asleep. Woke up this morning. Very good storytelling though.

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