I remember waking up, i felt cold, really cold, it was dark, not the semi-dark of night, but true darkness.
I felt my way around the room trying to find an exit, but there was none, i couldn't even find the walls, then i felt something, a faint warming breeze, like i was outside, but in a world where there was or had never been a sun, i kept walking, hoping that it was just a very cloudy night, then i heard it, a low rumbling growl from off in the distance.
I began to run my feet pounding on the soft surface that i took to be soil, trying to put as much distance between me and whatever it was in the darkness.
Up ahead a crack of light appeared. seeing this i increased my speed, trying to get to the light.
The crack of light grew bigger, stretching as far as i could see and slowly rising, as more light appeared i could finally see where i was, to my horror i saw that the floor was a damp pink expanse that ran for several yards before curving up to make a massive roof above my head, ahead of me was rows upon rows of razor sharp yellowing teeth, as they rose i heard the same growling sound as before, the floor beneath me started to move up and down, i was suddenly lifted by the tongue and thrown backwards into the creatures throat, screaming into darkness.


  1. Hunter Edison said...:

    You shouldn't have run. If you'd been careful, you wouldn't have tickled his tongue. Although you'd have a hard time getting past the teeth.

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