Trapped in a Dream

Last night I woke up around four in the morning feeling very fulfilled in the way you can only feel at that exact moment in between when you stop sleeping and when you realize you have awoken. This was a bit off-putting since a few moments later I remembered the dream that I was having before I woke up. Usually dreams don't come back to me but since a couple of years I've been remembering flashes of a certain recurring dream. This night I could finally patch some things together from these memories.

I remembered that in the dream I was in a room with my best friend and that I knew that something was not right. I must note that in the dream the world seemed just as vivid and real as it seems typing this on my computer right now. I told my friend that I knew that osmething was worng and that I had to find out what and why. I can't remember why I believed so strongly that something was wrong. My friend did his very best to convince me that nothing was wrong and every time I brought it up he tried to distract me by telling me we should be doing something other than talking about this.

At one point I'm pretty sure I realised that it wasn't real life but I couldn't make the link to assume that I was dreaming. I don't even think that the possibility crossed my mind. Every time I have that dream I feel trapped for hours with no way of getting back to reality. Every other person I came across in the dream reacted exactly the same as my best friend did when I told him I knew something was worng. I don't know what happened during the rest of the dream, this was all I could remember.

I wish I could remember how I finally got out. The thing that was the most disturbing was that I had this feeling before but not in a dream. This was when I was in a coma fighting for my consciousness for days on end. I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. I'm afraid I won't break loose,


  1. Jordan said...:

    I used to read these all the time.
    Some of them are really creepy...

  1. Clint Mullins said...:

    This is rlly creepy! Where do you get this??

  1. Flames said...:

    Very creepy stuff.

  1. shishimaru said...:

    Im not sleeping tonight... i hate you.

    Started a new blog btw, check it

  1. Inhia said...:

    can't you blog about bunnies?



    following and $upporting

    best friend on the blogosphere

  1. alppi said...:

    Text isn't really creepy, when I start to think, it is TERRIFYING!!!

  1. Tim Flack said...:


    I`ve been studying dreams intently for the last 4 years or so, and consider myself a fairly experienced lucid dreamer as a result. During my dream exploration, I became trapped in a dream at least twice that I can safely recall.

    I found this blog post whilst searching for being trapped in dreams and how they may relate to comas. There was also something else on my mind as well, and your reference to people telling you in your dream that nothing was wrong is somewhat strange, even for dreams, I feel.

    One of the times I was trapped in a dream stands out most, and I feel compelled to relate it to you here, though to what end I couldnt say.
    During the beginning of the dream I was not aware of being in a dream state, though I found myself in a sort of school setting. The strange thing was, was that I could not seem to find an exit to the school, and as I was searching and researching the few rooms there was, I became aware of my dream state, achieving lucidity. As the dream progressed, my lucidity amounted to full on consciousness. The strange thing was, was that none of the rooms I had investigate would change form or function; there was a locker room, a few hallways, and a class room, and no matter how I affected the contents of the room, every time I returned they were how I left them. I was with a few people, and when I became conscious of my dream state I attempted to wake them up as well, in case they were not simply dream characters but rather fellow dreamers. None of them seemed aware, and actually seemed to be denying the fact actively.
    Upon closer inspection of my environment, I started to notice odd irregularities. I looked close at the walls in the locker room, and noticed a clarity of granularity to them, almost manufactured in nature. As soon as this fact became apparent to me, I noticed to my amazement another area that had not been open before, in the locker room. Going through it, I saw three or four people (I cannot remember the exact number) sitting on a bench, the person nearest to me was the most clearly defined; she was a girl with red hair, and she looked up at me in astonishment as I entered the room. Our eyes met and I -saw consciousness- in them; it was like looking into another persons eyes, not any dream characters. She asked me how I got here, as shes been trying to find a way out of this ream for what seemed to her to be a long time. She explained that she didnt know how she got there, but was aware that she was dreaming. I told her I noticed something strange about the walls, and suddenly found a new room. The room we were in was a shower room, as if the whole shower area was simply partitioned dreamscapes that neither normally had access to.
    We decided to search together for a way out, and began to search both of our areas for any way to leave. Though we both knew we were dreaming, neither could seem to wake up.

  1. Tim Flack said...:

    Now heres the -really- strange part. I was trying to come up with some creative way of leaving, and mentioned the anomaly I saw upon closer inspection of the wall. She looked closely at the floor we were standing on, and agreed that there was something strange about it. And, she said, she was pretty good at math, and recognized a pattern in the tiles, a -distinct- pattern. I told her I was terrible at math, but she pointed out the pattern she saw. She stood there thinking, trying to figure out what it meant, when I had an idea that I had used in a previous dream; finding myself in a persistent dream setting, I had tried to -shake- the dreamscape with my consciousness, sort of grab the dream with my consciousness and disrupt it. When I reached out to do so, I had the same feeling as Ive had with only one or two dreams previously, of which I recognized as persistent, shared dreamscapes built by more than one mind (you may believe it or not, but this is how I relate my experience and this story); I had the feeling of the dreamscape pushing back at me, resisting my attempts to change is, unlike any other, fluid dream, Ive had before. Though it was difficult, I sort of wormed my consciousness into the cracks of the dream, for lack of a better way of explaining it, and started shaking. As I did this, stopping for a moment to recollect myself, the girl stopped staring at the floor, looked at me, and said with a strange look on her face, `what did you just do? How did you do that?` I told her what I was doing and how I did it, and she said `Don`t do that, please, youre scaring me; I afraid that wherever youll go by doing that, I wont be able to follow you there...`
    I said okay, Ill try to find a way for us to both leave, and I turned to my left because I saw a man, of Asian descent, sitting in a chair in the hallway with a notepad in his lap. When I turned and looked right at him, our eyes met, and he gave me a puzzled looked, and took of his glasses, slowly holding them out to his side, which my gaze followed instinctively. The look in his face was one of puzzlement and amazement, as if I shouldnt be able to see him. I turned back to the girl because she said she thought she figured out the pattern, and glancing back, I suddenly saw a door leading outside appear beside the man, with him looking at me with an urging look. Ignoring both him and the door, because it was clear the girl could see neither the man nor the door, I realized that something was really, really strange about this dream (more than I had realized earlier). Was about to take a closer look at the pattern when I slowly started to drift awake involuntarily. The girl and the school vanished from my sight slowly, and she asked `How are you doing that? ` to which I told her I didnt really know, but that she just had to sort of break through the dream, grab it and give it a shake`.

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