Think of the most solitary place you can imagine. The most isolated, lonely location you can possibly conjure up: a claustrophobic, dirty cell; the peephole in the door forever unused; an island eternally floating in a sea of darkness, the shadows hiding everything you can, and can't, see; a quiet, wind-whipped plain where no directions exist; a desert landscape, all sound muffled by the driving winds and buffeting sands, where half-seen shapes roam the horizons.

Imagine spending an eternity there. Terrifying thought, isn't it? Mull it over for a while. An existence with no beginning and no end, alone with your mind and nothing else.

Right now, it's a scary scenario.

When you get to the afterlife, it won't just be a scenario anymore.


  1. Garrett Brown said...:

    I want to preface my blog whoring by stating that I've had, I have a lot of experience with loneliness and isolation. If thats your thing, then seriously consider checking out my page. The comics I make are explorations and reflections of my loneliness. That being said, HEY! HOWZABOUT CHECKIN OUT MA GOTDAMN COMIC BOOKS?

  1. Kodanshi said...:

    Short but extremely inventive and very well portrayed。

  1. Belcheee said...:

    I was told there would be cake in the afterlife. Is there no cake?

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