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Do you know that feeling you get when everything is silent at night, where you think something is in the house? You discount it from your mind to try and calm yourself but you know there is secretly something there with you.

That is because there is, and there always has been. Ever since you were little and you thought there was something under your bed, or in the basement, or even the attic, it has been there following you around, waiting for the perfect moment. And every time you get that feeling, it smiles.
This creature is still waiting, even after you tried not to believe it existed, and it still wants to do what every other creature similar to it does, kill you.

Do you recall the night when you were laying in bed and you heard something like footsteps in your house and you shrugged it off, saying in your head that is nothing, and fell asleep? And the next morning after your shower you walked downstairs and saw the dead body of a man with a knife, and noticed his throat was cut just right so he couldn't make a sound as he died?

The creature that has been wanting to kill you this entire time, just saved your life. Because it didn't wait all this time just to have someone do it's job; You're it's kill.

But just think, if it figured out how to kill the man with the knife without you waking, it knows how to get away with what it was plotting all of this time.


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