Pokemon Lavender Town Suicides

When “Pokemon” was first released in Japan, there was an odd phenomenon between children ages 7-12, particularly in those using headphones to listen to the sound effects. Increase of nosebleeds, irritability, insomnia, and addiction to the game, playing for hours and hours on end and crying to the point of vomiting when the opportunity was taken away.

Roughly 70% of these cases ended in suicide.

In almost every case of the aforementioned symptoms, despite gameplay time recorded to the limit of the internal clock, the game had not progressed further than “Lavender Town”.

A closer analysis of the game revealed a tone in the audio of the music for “Lavender Town” at a pitch undetectable by fully developed human ear drums. Within weeks every unsold copy of the “first edition” the game were recalled silently and the game was re-released with re-mastered audio for “Lavender Town”.

The widely known version is said to be missing three extra tones, as well as the unique, binaural tone of the first edition, although this is unconfirmed due to the rarity of working first edition copies; in the known few that remain, the internal clock and ‘battery save’ have all timed out and ceased function, and in many cases the game will freeze upon entering any battle.

The details of the story began to be passed around in mid 1997, said to originate from http://www.cornus.lensig.net/index538a.html, a defunct URL without credibility.

YouTube embed is the widely known second edition version of the “Lavender Town” song, if you don’t remember how it sounds or never have known.

Listening to Lavendar Town theme song just now gave me the chills..


  1. LeTomato said...:

    Lavendar Town theme has always given me headaches. My friend is playing through it again, and just the music through her headphones gave her a migraine. That game.... It's mental

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I listened to it, on a Youtube video about Top 10 Creepiest theme songs. Before I found out about the CreepyPasta. And I didn't get a headache of any sort, now I'm scared to to listen to it... I'm an idiot...

  1. Diego Amaral said...:

    I should have read the post before listening to the music WITH HEADPHONES!!!! Well... fuck.

  1. Imari Tu said...:

    I'm 12 and for some reason I enjoy reading the scariest creepy pastas. I always pay for it later, lol:) but, and I'm not sure if this is because of my neck posture, which is the kind I use all the time and it never bothers me... But while I was listening to the song, towards the middle and end, the back of my neck started burning or WHATEV'S and even stretching my neck back out doesn't help. I have a feeling it's my brain and its paranoia but if it isn't than maybe there's a problem cuz even though I'm typing this it's still hurting and it feels like two large hands are grasping the back of my head that's a little closer to my neck, but kinda at the joining part. If this doesn't go away, I'll get back and tell about it in the comments...
    Hope it's nothing serious:)

  1. I have never really listened to this, but I'm on this page at my school, and they blocked the video for the youtube so I can't listen to it at the moment, although I'll explain this with reason. I'm not sure how long that youtube video of the music is, but if it is long, I think it's because you know how if you stand, or sit somewhere long enough, your body starts aching, well, I think, it works in this case. I also think that, since, the music, if it's long, and you listen to it for awhile, then your brain starts hurting, since it's tired of listening to it for awhile, and it needs a break from the computer or something. Also, I think it's really just all in your head, and you're getting paranoid. Don't get me wrong, this creepy pasta story creeps me out too, but I just think this is kind of the reason, that's all. I know there was a full story about this somewhere on the internet, forgot...but yea, I think those are the reasons.

  1. Chance Senner said...:

    i was gonna listin to it until i read this....hehe i am smart

  1. *already has insommia* me:THIS HAS NO EFFECT!

  1. alex mendoza said...:

    this shit makes me think very deep pshycological suicide

  1. Clara fenty said...:

    >.> That song makes me want to find all copies and burn them.....

  1. Unknown said...:

    Only creepy because it is a true story. In many cases the children were said to have sat on the floor, listening to the lavender town music for a seemingly indefinite amount of time if not moved/disturbed whilst staring off into space.
    and yes i know that sounds weird too
    but its real
    i sh1t you not

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  1. Milena said...:

    I don't know why, but when I heard this theme song for the first time I liked. hahaha I like these songs. And after i heard twice.

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