The Shadow Man Comes

He came to me in my dreams…I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there. The only thing I could see was a shadow. He stood in front of me and behind me, all around me. Fear. He told me that he would go after someone I cared about. I said no, I stood up to him. I told him to come after me instead. Then he spoke. He spoke, but I cannot remember his voice, only the words. “When my messenger comes, you only have a short time until I arrive.” Then I opened my eyes and stood. I looked out the window, and I saw it. The Dancing Wooden Man. He seemed to be made out of logs or something, and his movements were blocky. I knew this was the messenger of The Shadow Man. Then I woke up. Never have I had such a dream, and never has anything scared me so. He is coming. I know it. The next time I see the Dancing Wooden Man, The Shadow Man will come.


  1. Imari Tu said...:

    Hm, it's only a dream:) I'm twelve and even I know THAT

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