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Trapped in a Dream

Last night I woke up around four in the morning feeling very fulfilled in the way you can only feel at that exact moment in between when you stop sleeping and when you realize you have awoken. This was a bit off-putting since a few moments later I remembered the dream that I was having before I woke up. Usually dreams don't come back to me but since a couple of years I've been remembering flashes of a certain recurring dream. This night I could finally patch some things together from these memories.

I remembered that in the dream I was in a room with my best friend and that I knew that something was not right. I must note that in the dream the world seemed just as vivid and real as it seems typing this on my computer right now. I told my friend that I knew that osmething was worng and that I had to find out what and why. I can't remember why I believed so strongly that something was wrong. My friend did his very best to convince me that nothing was wrong and every time I brought it up he tried to distract me by telling me we should be doing something other than talking about this.

At one point I'm pretty sure I realised that it wasn't real life but I couldn't make the link to assume that I was dreaming. I don't even think that the possibility crossed my mind. Every time I have that dream I feel trapped for hours with no way of getting back to reality. Every other person I came across in the dream reacted exactly the same as my best friend did when I told him I knew something was worng. I don't know what happened during the rest of the dream, this was all I could remember.

I wish I could remember how I finally got out. The thing that was the most disturbing was that I had this feeling before but not in a dream. This was when I was in a coma fighting for my consciousness for days on end. I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. I'm afraid I won't break loose,

The Vials

You come into possession of an old box. Inside are several glass vials filled with dirt, dust and tiny bits of gravel or cement. The vials are labeled with places and dates such as “Port Chicago 7/17/44?, “Halifax 7/6/17? and “Guernica 7/17/36?. A trip to the library confirms that all are dates of massive loss of life in explosions. A few days later a package arrives with no return address.

Inside is an empty vial labeled with your home town and next week’s date.

Please Come

A 15-year old boy in a small town in Maryland sat down at his computer after getting home from school one day. He turned it on, logged into AIM, and was then surprised to receive an IM from a classmate of his, who had been absent that day.

It consisted of two words; "Please come." Confused, the boy sent a reply, asking why he'd been absent that day. After two more messages and fifteen minutes with no response, he decided to get on his bike and head over to his classmate's house. It was a short ride, only about five minutes away.

When he got to the house, he found the door was unlocked. Inside, partially dried blood was splattered over the walls and floors, and an unrecognizable figure was crumpled against the far wall. It was missing an arm and a leg, and bloody streaks on the floor lead away from the body and into the kitchen. The boy slammed the door closed, and immediately called 911 on his cell phone.

When the police arrived, they found three corpses, as well as tracks leading away from the house from the back door. The forensics report concluded that the entire family, the boy's classmate and his parents, had been killed sometime the previous night.

Invisible - Joseph Gats

Part 1
Valentine’s day

Chapter 1

Being able to turn yourself invisible is not as convenient as you may think. Even when you're trying to get away from people who want to kill you or worse, it's just not what it's cracked up to be. Olivia Peterson thought about this as she ran through the glass revolving door of the Comico building in down town San Francisco. As far as her extra ordinary ability went, the rules definitely applied, and that meant just going, poof, and disappearing was out of the question. And just what were these rules of going transparent? As the Kidd had told her, they went like this...

One. Being invisible doesn't make you invincible. Since people can't see you -- like people driving big SUVs while talking on their cell phones -- you're extra-vulnerable to getting turned into a blood stain by someone who doesn't even know you're there.

Two. Just because someone can't see you, doesn't mean they don't know where you are. It’s like this; think about when someone is in the same room as you. Even if you're not looking at them, you still have this vague idea of where they are. Plus there are things like displaced smoke or dust that can give you away.

Three. It's true! You can go invisible, but that's one trick your clothes just don't know. So vanish all you want, but if you don't strip down to your birthday suit, you're just gonna look like a walking wardrobe -- which makes you an easy target.

This last one of the Kidd's rules of invisibility was foremost on Olivia’s mind as she ran through the stairwell of the building to the roof. By now, she was sure that the agency had followed the police who had been chasing her through downtown, so there must be at least two knights who were just steps behind her. Hell, there might even be a bishop. That meant trouble, and trouble meant getting out of sight now. And for that, she needed to lose the clothes.

Olivia had kicked off her shoes while still in the street, but there were too many people around to do more and not bring unwanted attention. But the stairwell inside the building was empty, and by the time she reached floor number nine, Olivia had ditched her shirt and bra. By floor twelve, her pants were on the floor as she ran on.

"Thank God I didn't wear the skinny jeans," she thought.

On the twentieth floor she pulled off her socks, hopping her way to the final floor of the building. The last flight of stairs was shorter and steeper. At the top of them was a large metal hatch covered with all types of signs that warned her to go no further. Olivia pushed on the heavy metal latch until the door opened enough for the wind catch it and throw it wide. Before walking through, she bent over and pulled down her last article of clothing, a pair of skimpy Fredrick's of Hollywood panties. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed the red glow of a security camera light staring at her naked bottom.

She blew it a kiss, walked out, and slammed the door shut.

Outside under the moonlight, Olivia's skin began to pop all over with goosebumps from the cold air. It was windy and she was completely naked, but anyone watching would have seen only an empty roof. That was because, between the time she was still in the stairwell and the moment she stepped out onto the pebble covered roof, Olivia had willed herself completely invisible. In her current state, there wasn't a pair of eyes in the world -- that she knew of -- that could see her as she walked toes to heel towards the edge of the building and found a corner where she might go unnoticed.

She had barely reached that quiet corner when her first pursuers kicked the door open and with guns drawn walked out onto the roof. They were two police officers, obviously partners. Grabbing his walkie-talkie from his batman-like utility belt, the male cop pressed down the talk button.

"Atkinson here," he said. "We're on the roof. I’m not seein' noth'n up here. Over." He glanced at the other officer. "McCullough, you got anything?"

The female cop was circling behind the hatch. She came around in front again and shook her head at her partner, who nodded back. The girl they had been chasing, Olivia Peterson, a person of interest in the murder of a US Senator, had completely disappeared.

"Dispatch, come in" said Atkinson into his walkie. "We were in pursuit of a suspect inside the Comico building on 21st and Polk and we completely lost her. Our current position is on the roof of the building, and we're requesting immediate assistance. Over."

When he un-clicked the talk button the only sound that came from the walkie was garbled static.

"You know, McCullough," he said, glancing down at the handset, "I don’t think this piece of shit -- "

The roof top hatch burst open for a third time. And instead of a girl no one could see or two San Francisco police officers, two men in dark coats and sunglasses stepped out from the hatchway. The one on the right held Olivia's panties in his hand. Seeing them, Olivia, who had started to shiver in the cold, put her small hands over her lips to keep from gasping. The agency had been following the chase alright, but they hadn't sent knights or even a bishop. They had sent a couple of rooks.

"Jesus! You boys scared the living shit out of us," said Atkinson. "I hope you're detectives, 'cause I think we got a fucking jumper on our hands."

The two rooks looked at each other. The one with Olivia's panties in his hand shoved them into his pocket. Behind dark glasses, they examined the rooftop looking for some sign of the girl. They looked at the pebbles, the shadows along the walls, the unusually low ledge of the building, but never directly at the two cops.

“Hey... guys?” McCullough was looking at them oddly. "I know you're not secret service, so what's the deal? Are you building security or something, because you can't be up here right now. We're in the middle of a police investigation and -- "

The rooks silently reached into their coats and pulled out automatic pistols. The cops, whose pistols were already in hand, both raised their guns to defend themselves. They raised them too late. The first shot came from the rook on the right hitting McCullough through the chest and bringing her down hard and fast. A splatter of blood flew from her exit wound and stained the ground inches from Olivia's bare toes. The second shot, this time from the rook on the left, hit Atkinson in the cheek and pushed him down onto his back, his own shot going wild out into the city skyline. And while the rooks' shots had been whisper quiet, the report of his gun echoed against the walls of the surrounding buildings.

Olivia was biting her tongue to keep from making a sound.

"That's two more people who are dead because of me," she thought. "Two more innocent people."

The rooks moved quickly to get the guns away from the cops. Atkinson, still struggling to breathe life into his body resisted slightly and for his trouble took another bullet through the eye.

Olivia wanted to do something. She wanted to run over and kick one of the rooks in the face as they bent over. She wanted to punch them as hard as she could. But she knew that wouldn't help. Rule number one. Being invisible doesn't make you invincible. She wasn't a superhero. She was a 23-year-old woman. Invisible or not, she probably couldn't do a damn thing to these men, and trying would just give away the one thing that was keeping her safe, her exact position.

"I’ve got to get out of here," she thought and her eyes focused on the unprotected doorway.

Quietly and slowly, she began walking towards the hatch. She only took her eyes away from the exit once to see if she was leaving footprints. And when she looked back she saw her. Blocking the only way onto or off the roof was someone who up until then, she had only seen in pictures. Someone she kind of hoped didn't even exist. But here she was, in the flesh, at exactly the wrong moment, and Olivia knew her only by the Kidd's codename.

The queen.

“Where are you going, Olivia?” asked the queen. Her voice was way too friendly for a scene filled with live guns and dead, bleeding cops.

Unlike the rooks, the queen had no difficulty looking anyone in the eyes. Even someone who was supposed to be invisible. Unsure of what was happening, Olivia looked at her own hands. Just like everybody else, Olivia saw no hands at all.

"It’s alright," said the queen. "I’m not here to hurt you. You're very pretty, by the way. Did you know that? It's a shame you have to hide yourself like this."

Quick as a cat, the queen reached into the pocket of her duster coat and pulled out a small laser pointer. Clicking it on, she pointed it at Olivia and a small red dot hovered in the air just above her left breast. Olivia didn't understand. Lasers had never worked on her before. It wasn't one of the Kidd's rules, but light just wasn't suppose to work like that. It should pass right through her.

The rooks, homing in on the ball of light resting on Olivia's body aimed their weapons. Before she had a chance to find out if they planned to use them, Olivia ran for the edge of the building.

"There’s nowhere to go, Olivia," the queen called after her.

But she was wrong. And before Olivia even had a chance to think about what she was doing, she jumped up onto the ledge, took a quick breath and swanned off the building. Her body fell gracefully away from the building and Olivia closed her eyes and willed her form back into reality. It was February the 14th, 2012.. Valentines day.

This is the work of the highly talented writer Joseph Gats, who was kind enough to allow me to share this chapter with you, if you enjoyed this story then please read the rest on his website at the following link.

Doll Face

It was my birthday. Oh, how excited it was! I was five years old, the center of attention, gives being lavished upon me. I got everything I wanted (save a unicorn, of course), dolls, toys, clothes, paints, everything that could thrill a five year old girl.
“Oh, sweetie! You forgot one!” My mother pushed a brown package to me. I swelled with excitement, my little hands tearing into the paper. I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t brightly wrapped like everything else. I didn’t notice my mother asking my father quietly who it was from, or the shrug he gave her in return.

A gasp escaped my lips as I pulled out a box. Inside was the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. She looked just like me! Long blonde curls, creamy complexion with freckles on my cheeks, bright green eyes and she wore an adorable little dress (the one I was wearing!) with mary jane shoes. She was larger than my other dolls, and more delicate. She was made out of porcelain, and my mother told me I had to be gentle with her. Of course I would be gentle, how rude!
I named her Amelia and she was my best friend. I would carry her around with me wherever I went. I would pull her around in my little red wagon, I would sit with her under the big oak tree in our backyard, enjoy each other’s company and tell her secrets. Oh, how I wished my little Amelia would speak back.
Oh how I wish I never made that wish.

My mother had just tucked us into bed, and I had Amelia in my death hold. My mother disliked the thought of me sleeping with her, in case something happened and she broke, I would be sleeping with shattered glass. But I convinced her to let Amelia stay, as long as I promised to go right to sleep.
“Of course, mommy!” I said with a little giggle. As soon as she closed the door, I started whispering to Amelia. “Mommy is so silly. I don’t want to go to sleep, yet! I want to talk with you!”
Of course, I had spoken to Amelia plenty of times before this, but she had never spoken back. But, to my utter delight, tonight was different. I couldn’t see her lips moving, but I knew the voice was coming from her. It was just as I imagined it to be!
“I want to talk with you, too!” Her voice was soft and smooth, comforting. It made me feel relaxed just hearing it. I hugged her closer.
“You can talk?”
“Of course I can! You just never listened before, silly girl.”
I was ecstatic. I sat up in the bed, I had to tell mommy and daddy that my doll was talking! They would be so excited to hear!
“No, no, sweetie” She stopped me before I could call. “This is a secret between me and you. Mommy would be jealous, and she would take me away. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” Amelia’s voice sounded as if she were pleading. I felt a small wave of panic at the aspect of my mother taking my doll away.

I lowered myself back into the bed, pulling Amelia close. “No… no I don’t want that. I want to be with you forever.”
If she could have smiled, I’m sure she would have. “You will be, child. You will be.”
For the next several weeks Amelia and I became even closer than before. I would talk with her, and she would talk back. She was my best friend. I loved her so much, it was like we were joined at the hip. Everywhere I went, I had to bring her. My mother was getting a bit tired of this, but she let me have my fun.
But, despite being extra caring, I was still only five years old. It was only a matter of time before I dropped Amelia. I was heartbroken, there was a crack going right through her pretty face. I was inconsolable, my mother assured me that it was nothing serious.

But she couldn’t hear Amelia.

Amelia was furious with me for dropping her. She yelled and shouted, and ignored my sniffling apologies. She refused to talk to me for several days, in which I became increasingly depressed and moody.

Finally, though, Amelia had forgiven me.

So I had thought.

“You know,” Amelia said one night. I turned towards her, eager to hear what she had to say. “I am disappointed that you dropped me. Now my face is ruined. I want a new body.”

I giggled a bit. “How do you get one of those?”
“It’s really very simple, my dearest child.” Her voice turned cold, and she looked at me with those green eyes. “I just take yours.”

I gave another nervous laugh, and shook my head a bit. “Where will I be then?”

“Does it matter?”

I felt tiny, cool porcelain hands stroke my face. I closed my eyes tightly, feeling a crushing panic in my chest. I wanted to scream for my mother, but my voice wouldn’t come out for more than a squeak.

I wish that I had.

It was the strangest sensation. It was like when you stay under water for too long, and your chest starts to hurt, and you feel a wave of panic because you don’t know if you’ll get to the surface in time before you pass out. But as soon as you break the surface, and the air rushes into your lungs, you feel immediate relief and a thrill. Except this… after you break the surface, you realize that the air is still too thick to breath. You struggle trying to get oxygen into your lungs but to no avail, and right at the brink of passing out, you think one last vivid thought.
Where will -I- go?
Of course, I found out eventually. I am sitting here in a lovely glass case sitting on the mantle, watching a happy family and a beautiful little girl who had gotten too old to carry around that old cracked doll of hers. I am watching her, be me. I am watching my life pass before my very eyes.

Every now and then she looks at me and gives me a small, knowing smile.

Death Row

It took me two damn decades working my way up through the slow, painfully boring ranks of bureaucracy to get a cushy desk job here on death row in San Quentin... it took me another three decades of working here (plus a lot of awkward, insistent questions) to finally learn that those sentenced to die at the government's hands aren't really dying... at least, not when the papers say they are, anyway. Reporters aren't so hard to bribe, and even on those rare occasions when we DO have an execution viewed, it's simple enough to get the prisoners to play along with promises of a new life in return for cooperation... after all, it's not like most of 'em want to go back where they came from.
So, always less than half an hour after The Man of the Hour has pretended to have a seizure in the chair or taken a shot of saline solution in the arm, a van shows up. It's not the same van every time, but the man who steps out of it never changes... nor do the two well-armed, well-armoured soldiers at his side (at least, I think they don't. but who the hell can tell?). And once the inmate is in their custody... well, I'm afraid that's something I've got too few decades left to find out.

The Old Lady

One day at a shopping mall in the afternoon, a woman was coming out of the mall from a shopping spree. She was in a happy mood. She had gotten to her car and loaded her stuff that she had bought into her trunk. When she was done loading, she shut the door of her trunk and she saw an old lady standing by the passenger side of her car.

The old woman said “Would you be a darling and give me a lift home? I don’t have a car and I was walking all day.” The woman said “I’d be happy to.” So she unlocked the door for the old woman.
As she started to make her way around the car to the driver’s side, she started to feel uncomfortable. So when she got in the car, she looked in her purse and said “Darn, I can’t find my credit card. I’m going inside to see if anybody found it.” The old woman said “I’ll wait for you here.”

The woman left to go look for help. Then she found a security guard and told him the situation. They went back to the woman’s car and the passenger door was wide open. On the seat of the car was a shopping bag that the old woman had been carrying. Inside of the bag was the old woman’s dress and a gray haired wig, along with a huge butcher’s knife, a video camera, and a roll of duct tape.

Shower Curtain

Creepy Doll


Death and Decay

Smile Dog



Pokemon Crystal Creepypasta

I have a story I would like to tell you /x/. It is a long story, but for you faggots who would go TL;DR - this story is not for you, so fuck off.

You see, I am a simple college student living alone in an apartment. I was very enthusiastic about the release of HeartGold/SoulSilver on the states. I have purposely locked myself out of all media and the internet aside for school purposes. That means no 4chan, no /v/, no Bulbapedia, etc.

As I was busy with the school year and being a poorfag at the time, I wasn't able to buy SoulSilver on launch date. After my school year ended, I ordered SoulSilver on Amazon (sorry, I'm not a faggy pirate). However, it would take a week for it to arrive. I decided that during that time, I replay my Crystal version on my Gameboy Color.

However, I realized that long ago, my mom threw it away because I told her the save went dead, and I was very upset about it then. She also threw away my Silver version, so all I have is my Gameboy Color. As such, I set out to Gamestop and bought a used Silver version, as it's the only Pokemon game left that they have for the GBC. Ten dollars - fairly cheap despite it being Gamestop.

I went home and started it up for a nostalgia trip. However, that's where things started getting bizarre, and most likely the reason why you read this.

The Gamefreak logo started up as normal, but it just froze there. I thought the cart was just errored or something, so I turned it off and on. The same thing happened. I tried pressing A and Start over and over, and all of the buttons. Eventually, the logo vanished and there was a black screen for about five seconds. Suddenly, rather than going to the usual menu screen, I was already in the game in a previous saved file, which was odd as I was expecting all of these carts to have been wiped by the poor battery. Either way, I wasn't complaining, as I would have chosen the "Continue" option to see what the previous guy did anyways.

First off, I checked his trainer information. His name was just "..." - He didn't have much originality.

I checked his profile and apparently he had 999:99 hours put into the game, with all 16 badges, 999999 Pokedollars and all 251 Pokemon on the Pokedex.

Seeing as he apparently had Mew and Celebi logged also, I am guessing he either used a Game Genie or is a really hardcore Pokemon player back then.

I checked his Pokemon to see what badass team he has. To my surprise, I saw 5 Unowns and a sixth Pokemon named "HURRY". I'm thinking that this must be some cruel joke by the person who last played this game, but I decided to check the profiles of those Pokemon anyways. As expected, they were different letters of Unown, all Level 5. I was a bit shaky with my Unown alphabet at the time, but I identified the word spelled out to be "LEAVE".

As for the sixth Pokemon, it turned out to be a Cyndaquil (mind you, this is before there were individualized Pokemon icons). The Cyndaquil looked normal, but it was Level 5 with only 1 HP left with only two attacks: "Leer" and "Flash". I don't know why they named him "HURRY", but at the time, I just disregarded it. The most eerie thing was that, despite my volume being at max, none of the Pokemon he had said their usual cries. Just pure silence.

Having enough of the team, I closed it. I was parked at what appears to be a room inside Bellsprout Tower. However, for some reason, there were no NPCs around. Even more eerie was that the "pillar" in the middle didn't move at all, as if just leaning on its side. There was no music at all, and there was no exit or ladder, or least I thought there wasn't.

I walked around for a few minutes but can't seem to find a way out. This was certainly not a room I've seen in the Bellsprout Tower before. I've tried checking my items for an Escape Rope, but the bag was completely empty. There wasn't any Wild Pokemon either.

Finally, I've managed to find a ladder, which turned out to be behind the "pillar". The screen turned black and the music finally started playing. I had a sudden chill, as I recognize that melody I heard to be the theme you hear when you listened to the radio at the Alph Ruins where the Unown are at.

I immediately realize that it wasn't a loading transition, but rather I was in a dark room and would need Flash. Before I took care of that though, I immediately checked my Pokegear to change the radio to something more pleasant, but it turns out that there was no Radio card, or even a Phone nor Time cards. There was only a Map card in which Gold ("..." from earlier, and I will call him Gold from now on) was just walking in a midst of black.

I recall that Cyndaquil has Flash, so I turned off my Pokegear and made Cyndaquil use Flash. I didn't see any message saying "HURRY has used Flash!" or anything like that. The room just became lit just like that, and I soon regretted it. The room was a chilling blood-red with a linear gray path heading south. The ladder I used to go up/down was not there at all.

I had no choice but to head south. The screen got darker every 20 steps I made, until I finally made it to the end, which appears to be a sign. I read the sign, which said "TURN BACK NOW".

Suddenly, I was asked to answer YES/NO, but there was no question asked. I chose YES as I do not know what it was asking, and the screen went black again, making a "ladder climbed" sound. The Unown Radio music stopped, and in a few seconds was replaced with the not-as-creepy Poke Flute radio music.

I was in another dark room, but I held my breath and used Flash again. Suddenly, it said that "HURRY has fainted!" which was odd since I recall that there was no status conditions like Poison on him, and I clearly wasn't in a battle. I checked my Pokemon quickly and suddenly he's no longer in my party. In fact, after a bit of investigating, none of my Pokemon are there, but instead all replaced with Level 10 Unown. I did the same thing as before and spelled out the Unown. My then team of Unown spelled "HEDIED".

Either way, after that creepy change, the room was lit to reveal myself in a very small room that appears to be only four squares big. The walls of that room were gray bricks, as if I was inside something that was hollowed out. Outside that room appears to be a bunch of graves similar to the ones in Pokemon Red/Blue. I've walked around that small room and pressed A but nothing happened.

I've already concluded that this was clearly a hacked game and some sadistic fuck sold it to Gamestop. However, my curiosity kept me going. I checked the trainer profile of "..." again only to find out that the sprite of Gold was missing his arms. He also seems to appear less smug, but rather seems more sad and empty in a way that I do not know how to describe. For some reason, it also now said that he has 24 badges, which was clearly impossible.

After a few minutes of aimless wondering, my character suddenly spun and did the Escape Rope spinning animation. Instead of flying up though, my character spun downwards slowly, as if sinking.

After that screen, the music stopped. After finally landing, the overworld sprite of Gold is coloured differently now. Instead of the usual red colour he dons, he appears completely white now, including his skin. It's as if he came straight from the colorless Game Boy games placed into a colored background of the Gameboy Color. I checked his profile, and now, while now is as white as his overworld sprite, he lost his legs and has what appears to be bloody tears from his eyes. It also says he now has 32 badges, which now starts to disturb me as this change of number seems to represent something important.

I also checked my Pokemon, which this time contains 5 Unowns and a Level 100 Celebi without a nickname. The Unown are this time Leveled 15 and spelled out "DYING". I checked the Celebi's profile. It was a shiny Celebi, except there's only half of the sprite. One leg, one arm, one eye. It only has one attack: "Perish Song".

The area I was in itself was the Sprout Tower with the immobile pillar as before, except everything is apparently red now. I walked north for what felt like forever. Eventually, I finally encountered some generic men and women NPC. They were all lined up to the side just facing the long slantish pillar in the middle. They were also white, and nothing happens when I try to speak to them. I kept on going north until eventually the pillar finally appears chopped off, with a transparent Red in that spot. I went up to Red and without even pressing A, I was suddenly engaged and finally in a battle.

The music starts again, which it sounds like the Unown Radio music again, but played backwards. Gold's battle backsprite matches his front one with the bloody eyes, white skin, and lack of arms, while Red's sprite was the same as before in GSC except transparent. The text simply said "wants to battle!" as if he has no name, and both of us only have one Pokemon each, which is weird as I swear I had six with the Unowns. My shiny Celebi came out, conveniently with half-a-sprite for the back sprite also. The "Shiny" noise and animation was different, as the sounds it made sound like multiple "Screech" attacks used consecutively. Red sent out a seemingly normal male Pikachu, except he is Level 255 and his sprite seems sad and has tears in his eyes.

Rather than the usual "FIGHT/ITEM/PKMN/RUN" menu, I was only given the option to use the Attacks. Since Celebi only has one, I chose it. Naturally, since Pikachu was Level 255, he went first.

"PIKACHU used CURSE!", lowering his Speed and increasing his other Stats. I'm not even sure if Pikachu could even use Curse.

"CELEBI used PERISH SONG!" In three turns, both Pokemon get KO'd - not like I have a choice.

At this point, it didn't even go back to the Fight menu, as the battle just continued without me. Also note that there was no animations at all for some reason.

"PIKACHU used FLAIL!", which didn't do much damage despite his Level and boost as his health was maxed.

"CELEBI used Perish Song!" Nothing happens as it was already used.

"PIKACHU used FRUSTRATION!", which did a shitton of damage, knocking Celebi down to less than 10 HP.

"CELEBI used Pain Split!", which surprised me as Celebi didn't even have that attack in the first place. Now Celebi and Pikachu have about 150 HP.

"PIKACHU used MEAN LOOK!" Not like that did anything.

As expected, due to the effects of Perish Song, my Celebi fainted. Except in the text, it said "CELEBI has died!" and instead of the ordinary drop off the screen animation, the CELEBI backsprite just vanished. For some reason, the Pikachu was still up even with Perish Song and it didn't count as my lost. Pikachu used one more different attack beyond the 5 attack limit:


Afterwards, it said "PIKACHU has died!", with a slow fade-out animation. Apparently, I was the winner, as the transparent Red Sprite showed up and said ".........."

At that point, I just freaked out, as that transparent Red sprite was suddenly beheaded, leaving nothing but his transparent body. The battle then ended at that point and faded out along with the music.

I'm back in the overworld, with another change to the Gold sprite - he's now as transparent as Red's overworld sprite. I quickly checked Gold's profile, where this time the only thing remains of him is his head, with a transparent skin. The head was zoomed in a bit, showing a black void in his eyes. It now stated that he now has 40 badges. I then backed out and checked my Pokemon. They were all Level 20 Shiny Unown, which when spelled out, read "NOMORE".

I was at what I now know is next to the end. There was apparently no music playing, but for some reason I still felt like something was there that could be heard. I was back in my room in New Bark Town. Maybe finally I get to play this game properly, but who am I kidding. I knew that sadistic fuck must have done something. I "walked" around my room to interact with things, as I'm a bit afraid to go down the stairs to see what was awaiting down there. Note I said "walked", as while the background was moving, Gold was not moving his transparent limbs at all while doing so, just floating like those ghosts you see in Diamond/Pearl.

As expected, the radio, computer, and TV did not work, so I had no choice but to go down the stairs. I ended up in the same lower level room of my house. Everything appears normal, except mom isn't home. After failing to interact with anything in this room, I decided to go outside. To my surprised, that door leading outside at the south didn't work, and instead I just walk straight through it to a void. I continued moving south to see what the fuck was going on. My house vanishes as I head south into the void. It was creepy as when I entered the void, the outline on Gold's transparent sprite turned white to contrast with the pitch black. Eventually, I reached a white area and Gold's sprite turned black and transparent again. I continued south without thinking of stopping at all.

After a long trek south, I finally encountered something. It was GOLD's regular sprite. I talked to it. He said "Good bye forever ...." (notably with a space inbetween the forever and ....), and vanished. As that happened, it said "??? used NIGHTMARE" which at that point, I would not deny that being possible. Gold did another Escape Rope animation spinning slowly downwards like before.

I'm now back into that small hollowed-out room surrounded by graves earlier. Or at least I say I was back there, as there's no sprite anymore. I tried to walk around but nothing moved - not even wall bumping noise. I checked my trainer profile with absolutely no Gold sprite left. It said I have 0 badges and all the pictures of the Johto Gym Leaders at the bottom were replaced with skulls.

I checked my Pokemon, which were all Level 25 Unown. As expected, it spelled out a phrase that I dared to read. "IMDEAD"

As soon as I went back to the overworld, the room I supposedly was in was then covered with the same blocks as the walls. I then figured out what exactly that room was when the final text was said: "R.I.P. ..."

That room was a big grave, surrounded by other grave. Gold has already been dead. He died presumably a few years after he defeated Red.

He was a young trainer who, despite his efforts in collecting so many badges and attempts at becoming a Pokemon master, was still unable to avoid the inevitable fate of death, and his efforts were eventually forgotten by the next generation.

I was unable to escape from that text no matter what I pressed. I tried resetting the game, and the same thing happened, at which I then finally decided to give up on that horrible nightmare.
After that experience, I will never look at the "gimmick" Unown the same way again. They say that only the first generation have folk tales and legends, but the second generation have shown me how unpleasant the truth can be. I eventually enjoyed SoulSilver immensely, but I still can't unthink what that rigged game have told me.

Pokemon Black Creepypasta

I’m what you could call a collector of bootleg Pokémon games. Pokémon Diamond & Jade, Chaos Black, etc. It’s amazing the frequency with which you can find them at pawnshops, Goodwill, flea markets, and such.

They’re generally fun; even if they are unplayable (which they often are), the mistranslations and poor quality make them unintentionally humorous.

I’ve been able to find most of the ones that I’ve played online, but there’s one that I haven’t seen any mention of. I bought it at a flea market about five years ago.

Here’s a picture of the cartridge, in case anyone recognizes it. Unfortunately, when I moved two years ago, I lost the game, so I can’t provide you with screencaps. Sorry.

The game started with the familiar Nidorino and Gengar intro of Red and Blue version. However, the “press start” screen had been altered. Red was there, but the Pokémon did not cycle through. It also said “Black Version” under the Pokémon logo.

Upon selecting “New Game”, the game started the Professor Oak speech, and it quickly became evident that the game was essentially Pokémon Red Version.

After selecting your starter, if you looked at your Pokémon, you had in addition to Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle another Pokémon — “GHOST”.

The Pokémon was level 1. It had the sprite of the Ghosts that are encountered in Lavender Tower before obtaining the Sliph Scope. It had one attack — “Curse”. I know that there is a real move named curse, but the attack did not exist in Generation 1, so it appears it was hacked in.

Defending Pokémon were unable to attack Ghost — it would only say they were too scared to move. When the move “Curse” was used in battle, the screen would cut to black. The cry of the defending Pokémon would be heard, but it was distorted, played at a much lower pitch than normal. The battle screen would then reappear, and the defending Pokémon would be gone. If used in a battle against a trainer, when the Pokéballs representing their Pokemon would appear in the corner, they would have one fewer Pokéball.

The implication was that the Pokémon died.

What’s even stranger is that after defeating a trainer and seeing “Red received $200 for winning!”, the battle commands would appear again. If you selected “Run”, the battle would end as it normally does. You could also select Curse. If you did, upon returning to the overworld, the trainer’s sprite would be gone. After leaving and reentering the area, the spot [where] the trainer had been would be replaced with a tombstone like the ones at Lavender Tower.

The move “Curse” was not usable in all instances. It would fail against Ghost Pokémon. It would also fail if it was used against trainers that you would have to face again, such as your Rival or Giovanni. It was usable in your final battle against them, however.

I figured this was the gimmick of the game, allowing you to use the previously uncapturable Ghosts. And because Curse made the game so easy, I essentially used it throughout the whole adventure.

The game changed quite a bit after defeating the Elite Four. After viewing the Hall of Fame, which consisted of Ghost and a couple of very under leveled Pokémon, the screen cut to black. A box appeared with the words “Many years later…” It then cut to Lavender Tower. An old man was standing, looking at tombstones. You then realized this man was your character.

The man moved at only half of your normal walking speed. You no longer had any Pokémon with you, not even Ghost, who up to this point had been impossible to remove from your party through depositing in the PC. The overworld was entirely empty — there were no people at all. There were still the tombstones of the trainers that you used Curse on, however.

You could go pretty much anywhere in the overworld at this point, though your movement was limited by the fact that you had no Pokémon to use HMs. And regardless of where you went, the music of Lavender Town continued on an infinite loop. After wandering for a while, I found that if you go through Diglett’s Cave, one of the cuttable bushes that normally blocks the path on the other side is no longer there, allowing you to advance and return to Pallet Town.

Upon entering your house and going to the exact tile where you start the game, the screen would cut to black.

Then a sprite of a Caterpie appeared. It was the replaced by a Weedle, and then a Pidgey. I soon realized, as the Pokémon progressed from Rattata to Blastoise, that these were all of the Pokémon that I had used Curse on.

After the end of my Rival’s team, a Youngster appeared, and then a Bug Catcher. These were the trainers I had Cursed.

Throughout the sequence, the Lavender Town music was playing, but it was slowly decreasing in pitch. By the time your Rival appeared on screen, it was little more than a demonic rumble.

Another cut to black. A few moments later, the battle screen suddenly appeared — your trainer sprite was now that of an old man, the same one as the one who teaches you how to catch Pokémon in Viridian City.

Ghost appeared on the other side, along with the words “GHOST wants to fight!”.

You couldn’t use items, and you had no Pokémon. If you tried to run, you couldn’t escape. The only option was “FIGHT”.

Using fight would immediately cause you to use Struggle, which didn’t affect Ghost but did chip off a bit of your own HP. When it was Ghost’s turn to attack, it would simply say “…” Eventually, when your HP reached a critical point, Ghost would finally use Curse.

The screen cut to black a final time.

Regardless of the buttons you pressed, you were permanently stuck in this black screen. At this point, the only thing you could do was turn the Game Boy off. When you played again, “NEW GAME” was the only option — the game had erased the file.

I played through this hacked game many, many times, and every time the game ended with this sequence. Several times I didn’t use Ghost at all, though he was impossible to remove from the party. In these cases, it did not show any Pokémon or trainers and simply cut to the climactic “battle with Ghost.

I’m not sure what the motives were behind the creator of this hack. It wasn’t widely distributed, so it was presumably not for monetary gain. It was very well done for a bootleg.

It seems he was trying to convey a message; though it seems I am the sole receiver of this message. I’m not entirely sure what it was — the inevitability of death? The pointlessness of it? Perhaps he was simply trying to morbidly inject death and darkness into a children’s game. Regardless, this children’s game has made me think, and it has made me cry.

Deaddrop.cc Strange Website

Now we have another mystery website confusing anon's everywhere. http://deaddrop.cc

When you go this link, you will be taken to an "attempted access alert" page, and the following comes up:

Is it paranormal? What is the deaddrop.cc for? I certainly don't know. But will definately be keeping one eye on it.

Wikipedia defines a dead drop as being "a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items between two individuals by using a secret location and thus does not require them to meet directly". This anon can't help but wonder what lies beyond that entrance page.


You got a job working the closing shift at your local clothing retail store, and tonight you’re alone, the yellow light filtering from the tiles in the ceiling and illuminating the individual flakes of dust floating in the artificial air. It’s mostly silent, a far cry from a few hours ago. The only sound is that of a distant machine, like a generator or an air vent, humming deeply like the building’s lungs, and occasional clangs of pipes as the generator sings a metallic song.

There’s three of you who normally go around and fix things up at night, refolding shirts and hanging misplaced articles back up while making sure nothing got stolen or defaced, but you’re on your own tonight. The chick, Amanda, had to leave early and Ben, the other guy, took the night off. It’s just you. You look down at your watch. It’s 12:30. You still have a good hour and a half before you can call it a night.

You look around, and you’re astounded at how empty a massive clothing store can be at night. Nothing moves. There’s no aggravated customers demanding a full refund. No toddlers screaming as their retarded mothers talk loudly on cellphones, no kids knocking down stacks of novelty tee shirts and no light jazz elevator music played in the background of such chaos. It’s almost calming.

You make your way to the men’s section, and you pass one of those mannequins that has sample outfits on it. For a second, you stop and stare at him. His name is Goddfrey. You and the rest of the night crew pose with him sometimes and take Facebook pictures of him doing hilariously inappropriate things. Goddfrey Gone Wild. The night shift can be boring. Not tonight, though.
You salute Goddfrey, the normal greeting. He doesn’t salute back, and you stare at him, his white skin milky and plastic. For a second, you swear to god you see him twitch, but after a quick heartbeat you tell yourself it was nothing. ‘Damn,’ you say, “These things are fucking creepy at night.”

You turn your back on Godfrey and journey deeper into the men’s section, until you reach one of those godforsaken “novelty t-shirt!” stands. Those things take forever because they were constantly out of order. ‘People need to learn how to put shit back,’ you think. You bend over and put the ‘I’m Next to Stupid’ shirts back in the right place, and after about five minutes you’re done. You stand up, and survey the area. Everything is fine. You head back toward Goddfrey, and as you pass him you stop dead in your tracks.

You swear to god that Goddfrey’s head is cocked a little bit to the right, and the hat on his hat is now on the floor. As you stare into Goodfrey’s dark, black eyes, you suddenly start to feel uneasy. You hurry as you bend down and place the cap back on his head, and as you turn your back to him your heart starts to beat faster and you can feel dark, plastic eyes.

Dark, plastic eyes staring into your back.

You turn around. It’s just Goddfrey. Good old Goddfrey the Fuckbuddy. You turn around again and walk quickly until you reach the ladies section. As the feeling wears off you convince yourself it was just the paranoia of being in the store alone. It’s kind of a creepy place. You scan the ladies section- it’s a fucking rough tonight. Blouses cover the floor, and one by one you place them back on the racks. As you’re putting the last skirt back on the rack, you catch something out of the corner or your eye.

A flash of white.

You know the general direction of where it happened, and your heart pounds heavily in your chest as you slowly rise to your feet, eyeing the area intently. All you can see is the left side of a woman’s mannequin. Sarah, you guys named her, or as Ben liked to say “Fucking bitch.” Slowly, you walk to her. You’re standing in front of her. Her left foot is a little bit farther ahead of her right. ‘She probably just lost balance,’ you say out loud as you stare at her. ‘Too much stuff on her head or something.’ You say to yourself in a hushed self affirmation. You turn around, and you hurry to the front register. As you turn your back to her, you can feel her black stare burn into your back.

The last thing you have to do is lock down the registers. One by one you go through and press the ‘power down’ button on the digital cash register, and it shuts off. As you’re doing this, you tremble a little, and as your brain tries to convince you it’s alright, and that you’re being retarded, and that you’re just frightened because of the nightshift. By the third register, you feel almost normal.

You see a small, children's shoe underneath the counter to the last register, so you pull on it.
You pull out a whole infant mannequin. You stare at for a spilt second, into the tiny, beady eyes, and you swear, just for one instant, that the thing fucking blinks.
You let out a cry as you drop the thing to the ground, the plastic resonating on the marble floor. From the men’s section you hear a light crash, and the same plastic rattling. You hear creaking plastic. Tiny plastic footsteps.
You run to the front entrance, and go to the security system.
You try to remember the code to lock the front door.
Plastic rattling from the women's section. With trembling fingers you punch the password- 409423.

Access denied.

You yell out in frustration and fear as you hear tiny footsteps. You refuse to look at where they are and your heartbeat climbs and your head feels like it’s going to explode from terror. The footsteps echo through the silence, plastic hitting tiled floors.
Another attempt with the password: 4019423.

Access denied.

‘I’m going to die holy shit I’m going to fucking die’.
Only when you hear the singing do you abandon trying to lock the store. You can hear one of them, a robotic, inhuman, terrifying voice, singing something like ‘Hey hey hey, hey hey hey’ over and over and over and over again, and it grows nearer with every tiny, plastic step. You scream “FUCK IT” fling open the side door, and run to your car.

You’re halfway across the parking lot when you hear the side door open and you hear a faint, horrible chorus of ‘Hey hey hey’ echo in the still, black night. You run faster, your feet blasting against the pavement, and when you reach the front door of your car you struggle in your pockets, flinging your cellphone and wallet onto the pavement as ‘Hey hey hey’ grows closer, the robotic voice locking into the night with some kind hypnotic, horrible melody. You can see a dark humanoid figure, a dark shadow in the distance moving at a steady rate, hobbling and shaking. You flash your eyes to the side door again. More humanoid shadows. More robotic voices. More plastic steps against the pavement.

More ‘Hey Hey Hey’ choruses.

The car opens for you the first time, and you nearly dive into it. You refuse to look behind you as your fumbling hands struggle with the ignition. You hear gentle tapping on the window, and against your better judgement, you look up at it.

The plastic face seems to be smiling in the darkness, it’s plastic mouth moving in a tiny motion but a motion all the same. The dark eyes are so close to humanity but so horribly inhuman. They stare into your soul, plastic hand raised, knocking into the glass of your window. She’s mouthing words “Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey.” You can hear it in your mind, and you start the car,and the radio turns on. You accelerate wildly you turn the radio on full volume. ‘We danced like spirits in the night’. As you speed forward, your headlight catches a group of them, all stumbling along with distinctly inhuman steps, rigid and without an ounce of flexibility or grace. Even with Springsteen Blaring you can hear the damn things. ‘Hey hey hey, hey hey hey,’You’re store is next to another retail clothing store. As you pass at 70 miles an hour, you see a stream of them stumbling out of the store, an army of mannequins, some without heads, some without arms or legs, but all of them singing. You try to crank the radio up more, but it won’t, it’s maxed out. You scream and press the petal to the floor, peeling out into non-existent traffic.

It’s a long drive home. You go fast, and you don’t think. You’re mind is too clouded and exhausted for rational thought. You don’t notice the complete absence of traffic on the way to your house. You force the song out of your head. ‘Not the song, not the song.’ As you pull into your driveway, slamming the door behind you, you run to the front door and fumble with the key. Every shadow has a plastic face, every whisper of wind sings ‘Hey, hey, hey.’

The door opens. You lock it. You run through the house and make sure everything is locked. You close all of the curtains, and you move the living room couch in front of the stairs that lead to your bedroom. You leap over it, run into your bedroom, and move your dresser up against the door. Your girlfriend let sleeping pills on your bed stand. You take a handful, and soon you pass out, face first, onto your bed.

You don’t hear them, at 5:30 in the morning. You left the side door leading into the garage open. You left the door leading from the garage into the kitchen unlocked. They climb over the stair-blockade.

By six, your surrounded. At seven they start to sing. At 7:05 you wake up, and you are silent as they sing the infinite chorus of ‘Hey hey hey,’ and it’s loud, at least one hundred robot voices singing the same thing, and you sit on the side of your bed, staring at the door handle.
It slowly turns. The door gradually opens.
A white leg steps into your room. You don’t move as it invites itself in.
Your last rational thought is ‘Oh my god it looks just like me’ as the white body moves toward you, his arms outstretched.
‘Hey hey hey, hey hey hey...’
When he sings, it’s different.

He has your voice.
As he embraces you like a long lost friend and you feel your skin harden, turning milky white, you discover why mannequins are nestled so deep in uncanny valley.
‘Hey hey hey,’ you sing in reply.

Minecraft - Herobrine

I had recently spawned a new world in single-player Minecraft. Everything was normal at first as I began chopping down trees and crafting a workbench. I noticed something move amongst the dense fog (I have a very slow computer so I have to play with tiny render distance). I thought it was a cow, so I pursued it, hoping to grab some hides for armor.
It wasn't a cow though. Looking back at me was another character with the default skin, but his eyes were empty. I saw no name pop-up, and I double-checked to make sure I wasn't in multiplayer mode. He didn't stay long, he looked at me and quickly ran into the fog. I pursued out of curiousity, but he was gone.

I continued on with the game, not sure what to think. As I expanded the world I saw things that seemed out of place for the random map generator to make; 2x2 tunnels in the rocks, small perfect pyramids made of sand in the ocean, and groves of trees with all their leaves cut off. I would constantly think I saw the other "player" in the deep fog, but I never got a better look at him. I tried increasing my render distance to far whenever I saw him, but to no avail.

I saved the map and went on the forums to see if anyone else had found the pseudo-player. There were none. I created my own topic telling of the man and asking if anyone had a similar experience. The post was deleted within five minutes. I tried again, and the topic was deleted even faster. I recieved a PM from username "Herobrine" containing one word; "Stop." When I went to look at Herobrine's profile, the page 404'd.

I recieved an email from another forum user. He claimed the mods can read the forum user messages, so we were safer using email. The emailer claimed that he had seen the mystery player too, and had a small "directory" of other users who had seen him as well. Their worlds were littered with obviously man-made features as well, and described their mystery player to have no pupils.

About a month passed until I heard from my informant again. Some of the people who had encountered the mystery man had looked into the name Herobrine and found that name to be frequently used by a swedish gamer. After some further information gathering, it was revealed to be the brother of Notch, the game's developer. I personally emailed Notch, and asked him if he had a brother. It took him a while, but he emailed me back a very short message.

"I did, but he is no longer with us"

I havnt seen the mystery man since our first encounter, and I haven't noticed any changes to the world other than my own. I was able to press "Print screen" when I first saw him. Here's the only evidence I have of his existance.

More Minecraft Creepypasta: OGG Files


I remember waking up, i felt cold, really cold, it was dark, not the semi-dark of night, but true darkness.
I felt my way around the room trying to find an exit, but there was none, i couldn't even find the walls, then i felt something, a faint warming breeze, like i was outside, but in a world where there was or had never been a sun, i kept walking, hoping that it was just a very cloudy night, then i heard it, a low rumbling growl from off in the distance.
I began to run my feet pounding on the soft surface that i took to be soil, trying to put as much distance between me and whatever it was in the darkness.
Up ahead a crack of light appeared. seeing this i increased my speed, trying to get to the light.
The crack of light grew bigger, stretching as far as i could see and slowly rising, as more light appeared i could finally see where i was, to my horror i saw that the floor was a damp pink expanse that ran for several yards before curving up to make a massive roof above my head, ahead of me was rows upon rows of razor sharp yellowing teeth, as they rose i heard the same growling sound as before, the floor beneath me started to move up and down, i was suddenly lifted by the tongue and thrown backwards into the creatures throat, screaming into darkness.


Real Life Pokemon - Ghastly

More Real Life Pokemon: Gengar

The Pile of Photographs

A young girl walking home from school found a small pile of Polaroid photos lying in the gutter. There were twenty in all, neatly wrapped in a rubber band. She picked them up, and as she walked she started to browse. The first photo was that of a ghostly white man on a black background, standing just far enough away from the camera that she couldn’t make out his features.

The girl slid the photo to the back of the stack and looked at the next one. The photo was of the same man now standing a bit closer.

The girl flipped through the next several photos quickly. With each one the man in the picture came a bit closer and his features were a bit clearer.

Turning the last corner to her house, the girl noticed that the man in the photos seems to be looking at her even when she moved the stack from side to side. It frightened her, but she kept flipping them over, one by one.

By the nineteenth picture, the man was so close his face completely filled the frame. His expression was the most horrifying the girl had ever seen. Walking up the driveway, she turned to the last photo.

This time, instead of an image, there were two words: "Close enough."

Hearing a scream outside their house, the girl’s brother rushed to the door and opened it. All he saw was a pile of photographs lying on the doorstep. The top one looked like an extremely pale version of his sister, but she was standing too far back for him to be sure.

White Noise

Darkness Inside

Astral Travel

Little Sister

The Face


I can remember being incredibly self-conscious about them, hiding them in my pockets under books and bags. The kids at school never said anything to my face, but I knew they were laughing behind my back.

I remember asking my parents to take me to the doctor, to get them checked out. The growths on my hands seemed to be the elephant in the room back then, since they'd just say I was fine and change the subject. But I knew better.

I had tried to remove them as a child, but without avail. Scissors, knives, potato peelers; trying to cut or scrape them off was always a lost cause because I couldn;t continue once the pain kicked in.

But today was different. It's amazing how numb you can get with a couple of tourniquets and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I was originally planning to use a sharp knife, but figured that trying to slice through the tough flesh of the growths would be too arduous in my drunken state. I opted for the slightly more technoligical plan B.

I had to hurry though. I was already pretty light-headed and was starting to feel dizzy. My hands and forearms nearly blue from the lack of circulation, couldn't wait much longer either. The whirring of the blender helped to put me in a sort of trace-ready to do what I had to do since I first looked down at my strange deformities.

I shoved my left hand in first. The immediate sensation of sharp blades slicing through flesh was jarring, but I was surprised at how well the alcohol was working - I expected it to hurt more. I could hear the sharp metal churning and cutting, working perfectly as planned. I pressed my hand down harder. All those bad memories, all of the embarassment- all of those horrible things were now nothing more than a thick red pulp.

Breaking from the feelings of ecstasy, I pulled out before the blades hit knuckle. I smiled, taking a good look at my new hand. As for the growths- well, five down, and five to go.


Have you ever wondered what happens when you die?

Well, something does. Your body dies, but your conscience lives on. The night you die, you will be in an eternal dream. You will live that dream for all eternity, and it will be like reality. Whatever you dreamed that last night will be what you are going to be "living" in for eternity, and you will never wake up again, in the comfort of your house.

Let's hope you don't have a nightmare that last night.

What Lies Beneath

MMORPG's Of The Future

Slenderman and Alma

Annie's Road

Annie's Road, an ARG, ARG's are described by wikipedia as:

An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions.

"This is for those of you who are new to Annie's Road or just haven't kept up. I'm going to keep facts and speculation in their respective places so that no one gets confused. This isn't the whole story. This is just what we have so far...

We'll start out with the name. The real life myth is that there was a Jersey girl named Annie who was hit by a car on her way to senior prom. She's said to haunt the road on some nights and intentionally cause drivers to veer off into deadly collisions. Or maybe New Jersey's roads just suck. That's up for debate, but that's why the road is called Annie's Road.

Two sites were linked to on /x/: Annieroad.com & Anniesroad.com

Note that the latter has an 's' and the former does not. So, for brevity's sake, we'll refer to Annieroad.com as '-S' and Anniesroad.com as 'S'.

Upon visiting '-S', there is a solid black screen that turns red when move your cursor to the center. A countdown clock appears that is set to hit zero on Thursday night at 9PM EST. It will be a full moon that night.

The title-bar of the '-S' page reads “Nondum tempus...” which—when roughly translated from Latin to English—reads “Not yet time...”

The JavaScript of '-S' has two hidden messages:
“/* ATLItude is falling. We hold the Key (NaN). */.”
“A lack of understanding does not necessitate a lack of purpose.”

Anniesroad.com or 'S' has changed, so we'll start from the top. Originally, 'S' had a blank field in which you were supposed to enter you e-mail address. Some entered their addresses, but most didn't. An e-mail was received that said the following:

“Subject: It is. I am.
...you have been chosen...we will not be forgotten...she has been summoned...
...the key 43...your test 47...your life 59...the end 63...2018221539...
...you asked for it...your life is in our hands...we are watching...we are always watching...look behind you...”

The rough translation of the french language written in the e-mail reads, “God is not the only one who sees everything, we do too.”

The 'S' site's availability has been erratic, but as of last weekend, the site began to stabilize and donned a new face. Two opposing hands—one pointing down and the other pointing up—are shown in the center. They each have an eye in the center and bear a striking resemblance to the hamsa; a symbol which is popular among global occultists as a defense against the “evil eye.” The file name of the hand image is “22ham22.”

The text placed around the palm arrangement reads, “...love...to destroy her one must first learn to love her...you must be willing to look deep into eyes of fear itself...” This text is shown in reverse. When you click the center of the page, a mirror site appears and the text is turned around.

The title bar reads, “...I saw Annie...please God somebody help me...”

The JavaScript of 'S' has two hidden messages as well:

Aside from the two sites, there have been a few other unconfirmed developments. Two images have been posted on /x/. Each has a shape that bears resemblance to the shape the window makes when going to 'S'. Another development concerns a book called The Red Book of Appin, which is a text on demonology and black magic. Some of the references made in the source code and e-mails have been linked to the book, so it's speculated there is a relation. Again, this is unconfirmed.

These are the facts we've been presented with. Go forth and analyze, /x/philes"

I present to you a screenshot of anniesroad.com, check out whats in the header:

So, what do you think? is Annie's Road an in-depth alternate reality game? Or is Annie's Road something much darker? Let me know..

I did not write the above summary, it was posted by a tripcode user Wildgoose on the 4chan /x/ Paranormal board, all credit goes to him. And as for finding Annies Road in the first place, all credit goes to anon.

If you are doing your own research into Annie's Road, make sure to check out both URL's:


Open Your Mind



Home Alone

You are home alone, and you hear on the news about the profile of a murderer who is on the loose. You look out the sliding glass doors to your backyard, and you notice a man standing out in the snow. He fits the profile of the murderer exactly, and he is smiling at you.

You gulp, picking up the phone to your right and dialing 911. You look back out the glass as you press the phone to your ear, and notice he is much closer to you now.

You then drop the phone in shock. There are no footprints in the snow.

It's his reflection.
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