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The game "spore creature creator" for PC was released in 2008, drawing attention to many EA fans.
Spore became a widely known game over the internet and by now, it was almost impossible to search youtube without seeing creations that people have made, noobish and professional.

The game allowed you to create animals and civilizations however you like, from three eyes to ten mouths, you could float through the sea as a cell or fly around in space. Then in 2009, an expansion pack was released, it's name being "Spore: galactic adventures" Yet again, the EA fans swarmed the shops, searching for it, walking home with this amazing game in their hands.
On wednesay 7th july 2010, it was posted on a private spore fanbase of a glitch, posted by the user "Pzzuu!". Pzzuu! claimed to have witnessed a glitch, unknown to even maxis, spore's developers.
The first time, Pzzuu had claimed to see a series of unknown creatures, the creator's name had been blanked out. All of these creatures took the form of a human, amost realistic. The first creature was nameless, the second creature had seven unknown characters for it's name.

In total, there were nine creations, all of which crashed when Pzzuu! attempted to open them.The creature editor opened up like normal, the creature appeared as a human, covered in red dots, upon entering the texture editor however would result in the crash. Pzzuu! also claimed that once the game closed, the game box would remain on the desktop, even after a restart. The icon at the top left of the box resembled a human head, covered yet again in red dots.

Pzuu! opened the game once more, the buttons on the menu all resembled the human head. Upon entering the sporepedia, one more spore creature was said to have appeared, it's name being "lybonrehc". It's model represented what looks like a city, filled with corpses, a hacked part. Playing the creature stage of the game, the ground was pure black with no water, yet straying out to low ground would result in a fish creature eating the player. Only, the creature's body was replaced with a line of red.

Pzzuu! had by now, quit the game all together, his final post on the spore fanbase was a line of continuous dots. He was never heard from since his final post, his profile had revealed that he was last online at wednesday 7th july, 12:57, before his last post, semingly impossible.

The day after, another player named "Vendersis" had reported the same glitch.The only difference was another creature in the sporepedia. A skull and crossbones icon was attatched to the creature's icon, indicating it was extinct, even outside of the creature stage. The creature's body resembled a black box, it's texture resembling 8-bit skeletons, mushed together. The most disturbing of it all, the creature's name was Pzzuu!

Nobody else recieved the glitch which was sooned named "Bloodspore"
Now it leaves the question...
Is Pzzuu! dead?

 Created by Ryan


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