It was around February last year I was bored on the weekend and decided to quickly check my Hotmail , as I scrolled through the large amounts of spam emails one stood out. It was in bold and the subject read SORRY THIS FREAKED ME OUT! What really confused me is that it was sent to me by my friend Max; we had an argument a few days ago and hadn’t spoken in around a month this email had been sent yesterday.

Suspecting he had been trying to give me a virus I ignored the email and went to watch a few videos, I was watching a few videos and began to watch some creepypasta related videos, when I had a sudden urge to read the email.

When I opened the email it contained a link to a website which has since been taken down and SORRY in bold letters, after a few seconds of consulting between clicking on the link or just deleting it I stupidly decided to click on the link.

The website opened and my monitor flashed black and white very fast for around five seconds, then suddenly returning to my desktop. A downloader had launched for a program called AREYOUALONE.EXE, I could not cancel it and could not open task manager to end the program.

After it finished I was forced to click finish and the application launched in full screen and began to play a video , in this video a man was tied to a chair and crying out in pain. I quickly tried to exit the program but couldn’t, I then turned off my monitor but it turned straight back on. The man tied to the chair was now being approached by a man with a mangled face; his jaw appeared to be broken and slanted to the right, he had only one eye and had long black hair down to his shoulders. The man then crouched down and picked up a butchers knife, he stood up and ran toward the bound man and violently began to hack at his face. I had to hold back my vomit.

The video cut to what appeared to be life footage; it was outside my house I quickly ran towards my window but saw nothing outside my window as I went to walk back to my computer I heard the noise of smashing glass down stairs and looked at the computer swiftly. The man had entered my house and was making his way up the stairs, as he reached around halfway he pointed the camera towards his disgusting face and screamed in a horrifyingly deep and strange voice “YOUR ALL ALONE”. As he said this my monitor switched off and my computer shutdown.

I heard the man walking towards my bedroom door his footsteps were loud and heavy, he then began to cry out in what I can only explain as a demonic tone. It was barely understandable but I could make out “ALONE” followed by an evil laugh. The door then swung open and closed behind him, there he stood towering over me, and as I looked up at him I was frozen in fear. I was able to let out a loud scream just before he grabbed me by the neck. What I didn’t know is that my neighbour had called the police around five minutes ago when he saw the man breaking my window; just as I began to fade into darkness I heard the sound of police sirens.

I woke up in my room just as the police kicked in the door, they ran straight over to me as I lay on the floor. I was in extreme shock and couldn’t answer any of their questions, because of this I was rushed to my local hospital to be examined. Luckily, I was okay.

The psychopaths body was found twelve hours later....he had hung himself in a nearby wood.


  1. Skip372 said...:

    "we had an argument a few days ago and hadn’t spoken in around a month this email had been sent yesterday."
    This grammer, it makes me cry.

    How could you had not spoken to someone a couple of days ago, but not had spoken to them for a month?

  1. KarlaRei said...:

    It's a good idea, but I did have some issues with it.

    I almost stopped reading at the mention of "creepypasta" in the story itself.
    Things seemed to happen really fast and without a lot of details. Maybe slow down a little and explain or describe what is happening.

    I actually really like stories about haunted programs/electronics and this has the potential to be a good story.

  1. Cheng Sion said...:

    it must be a pretty big house.. took the man more than 5 minutes to walk up the stairs and grab the narrator's neck before polices kick in

  1. alppi said...:

    I couldn't read it to The end... Terrifying pasta!

  1. What exactly happened at the end?

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