Childhood… Ah!! Not that!

I must inform you all that this is A TRUE STORY. During my childhood, I constantly had nightmares in our old apartment. This wasn’t erratic, it was CONSTANT. Every night I had one. It wasn’t one always,  sometimes I had five! Well anyway, let’s commence.

The first one was usually of my family, walking to a log cabin near a hill covered with dead grass, and to the right of the cabin there was a dead forest. By the time that we were at the cabin, I was going up the hill. Then, I was faced with giant balls of sticks that came rolling down. As if the forest itself was reaching for me.

Every time they squished me, I suddenly saw a thumb bending back and forth. Then I woke up, unless I had the other two nightmares. Sometimes I got up to the top and found a dispenser-like machine and a guy there, but before I could do anything I was off to the next nightmare. This was the least scary one.

The next nightmare started to show up when we were about to move. This was a time when I was outright scared of lawn mowers. I thought they were going to eat me up or something. So the dream that I had was of me running down a sidewalk with a lawn mower chasing me. To you it might seem idiotic, but that scared the shit out of me.

The next one was usual. It was of me in my parent’s room (Since I sleep there) but in front of the nightstand. All of the color seemed drained around me. I saw myself crunched up like a little ball. I don’t remember exactly what was going to happen, but I know it was going to be bad. Now that I’m typing this I remember another detail: the view was warping and twisting. I believe this was the scariest.

These are all I remember, but I know there were others. They were, as all of these, scary as hell when I was a kid. Of course, I was like three years old so I can’t remember exactly why. After we moved to our new and current house, the nightmares seemed to vanish. The first night, I slept soundly. Later, a few years back, I we were going somewhere when we passed by near our apartment. I was intrigued by my
discovery: there was a cemetery on the other side of the street! So, were these ghosts
haunting me in my sleep? If so, why? Perhaps we’ll never know…


  1. Kristal Rivera said...:

    Ugh. You could have had a great story here. Don't sell yourself short next time.

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