Update from Creepypasta

Hello my fellow warped individuals!

Today seemed like a good day to let you all know how Creepypasta.co.uk is doing, and to enlighten you to the hopeful plans and ideas for the future.

Firstly, thanks to all of our readers both new and old. I never thought that this website would ever reach this many people and it is a huge honor to have visitors continuously coming back and catching up on the new creepypasta.


Here are some figures to show how far things have progressed from the early days as a barely noticed blog. To begin with, the website was not even on google, and had barely 100 views per week, now look at it:

  • The Facebook page now has 55 likes
  • As of right now, the total pageviews for the main website lies at 235,030, just short of 1/4 of a million!
  • Nearly every day there are now over 1000 pageviews, occasionally dropping down to the 800 level
To sum up my views on these numbers, bloody brilliant! 

Goals for the future

Post more regular updates. 

This responsibility lies with me alone, to scour the internet for the most popular and warped Creepypasta it has to offer, and ensure that they are posted here for you all to read.

Post brand new unique Creepypasta.

This is where I need some help from you, please send in your own personal Creepypasta that you have written to share with the world. Over the past two months we are receiving more and more fan sent submissions which otherwise would not have achieved the audience and praise that they deserve, some of the best Creepypasta online has been sent in to us by readers and we want more. You can contact us at our sexy google mail address of submitcreepypasta@googlemail.com. So please, show us how warped you can be. 

95% of all Creepypasta sent is now online, never before has a creepypasta been turned down outright. Perhaps some editing might be needed for some submissions, in which case it will either be returned, or depending on how nice I feel, will be edited personally before being published.

Find new types of Creepypasta.

This stems from an idea sent in by a reader, Cooperwithacamera, of new ways for people to get Creepypasta inside their minds. For all of his submissions, The Only, Interference, and The Bum's Countdown, he has also linked to us YouTube readings of each story (which can be found at the end of each creepypasta). This is a great way for people to experience reading a creepypasta, only with added music and sound effects.

New ideas such as this are very interesting, and so while I will be doing my best to find them myself, this again comes as a request to you, the producers of these fucked up tales. If you have a story to tell that is not in written form, be it a YouTube video, a sound recording, or a hamster powered psychic dream, contact us and we will do our damn best to get it out there to the world.

Get more Links of Interest

While Creepypasta.co.uk has been going for some time now, there is still only two links of interest (and one of them is 4chan!) If you have a website related to creepypasta that you think should be shown off to the world, and you in turn are willing to place a link back to us on your website. Contact us!

Final Word

Thanks for all of the support over the past 2 years, and hopefully we will continue keeping you awake at night for many years to come.


  1. Braden Best said...:

    Oh god, your facebook page has 55 likes.

    I will never be able to sleep right again O_O

    Terrifying stuff.

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